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Positive Attitudes for a
Sustainable World

Dream Team

Edmar Xavier 2021 TIAC Congress

Edmar Xavier

Founder CEO

Barbara Camargo

Barbara Camargo

Public Relations & Creative Designer


Sustainable Partners

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EXA Group Canada


We develop sustainable tourism systems and create strategic solutions for business and public management of tourism in rural and indigenous communities. We created a sustainable destinations communication channel with people in Canada and worldwide to offer exclusive experiences. Our customers are concerned with developing positive attitudes towards the planet's sustainable future and delivering experiences for people who aim to live life to the full.

We are signatories to the Glasgow Declaration, and our sustainable tourism system processes are aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. We are in Nova Scotia, Canada. We serve all provinces in Canada, and in 2022 we started our first international project in Mexico. We meet demands for sustainable tourism development around the world, and we want to help the planet achieve the goals of the international system in the shortest possible time.

We believe in positive attitudes for a sustainable world. We are members of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia and the Project Management Institute Nova Scotia Chapter. Founder CEO of EXA Group Canada is PMI Nova Scotia's Director of Partnerships & Sponsor (2022-2024) and an activist for sustainable development and climate change action.

We create solutions for responsible business with the planet and for farms that want to increase the value of agriculture by adding tourism as a strategic support activity. We build the communication bridge of tourism experiences with visitors and maintain the relationship with online experiences, making the visitor intimate in all the experiences developed by EXA Group Canada.



- Tourism Knowledge -


Boost your knowledge about tourism. Our member program offers exclusive, high-quality content for anyone. The topics covered portray experiences and innovations in tourism and sustainable development, expand knowledge in foreign languages, and participate in online and face-to-face events promoted by the company. Become a member of EXA Group Canada. Your participation encourages sustainable development, tourism development, and rural development projects and research. Access our opportunities.


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