Edmar Xavier is a professional award in Brazil for merit and professional talent received in 2014 during one of the most significant tourism events in South America, based in São Paulo. Director of Partnerships and Partnerships for the Project Management Institute Nova Scotia Chapter and activist for sustainable tourism as a means of economic development for rural communities in Nova Scotia.

A member of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, he was a 2021 sponsor and sustainable partner of the 2021 TIAC Congress in Ottawa. He met many Canadian tourism leaders and presented alternative paths to the economic perspective of tourism.

When we strengthen the economy in rural communities, we create new financial flows in small regions. Small contributions from many communities deliver surprising results and help support economic recovery from the impact of Covid-19.

Edmar Xavier is 36 years old, married, and father (a boy born in 2020 and a girl in 2022). It aims to help rural and indigenous entrepreneurs achieve feasible goals by developing sustainable tourism systems. It aims to help as many people as possible to zero carbon emissions with awareness, recycling and management.

Edmar Xavier is a tourism expert and project manager. Graduated in Tourism, MBA in Project Management. He is currently doing a Masters in Tourism Management and Consulting with a focus on sustainable tourism. He attended law school for four years. He published the article Legal Framework for Tourism: Critical Analysis of Bill 12591/12, rescuing legal positions from the 13th century and other national and international jurisprudence to criticize the failure of legislation to regulate tourism professionals in Brazil.

He is the founder and CEO of EXA Group Canada and is responsible for developing the sustainable tourism system, explained on social media!

Barbara Camargo is an artist passionate about paintings and photographs. She has travelled to more than 40 countries worldwide to record the history and cultural heritage of the peoples of our planet through her lens. Creativity presents, in essence, trends in the five countries she lived in. She has been in Canada since 2011. She did Highschool at Appleby College in Oakville, Ontario. She was a student at the first Creativity Industries at Ryerson University in Toronto, where she holds a BA in Creativity and Communication.

Barbara Carmargo is secretary of the association of students of the creative industry at Ryerson University and has been developing a fantastic work of partnerships and networking with students, professors and professionals linked to the educational institution. She is 27 years old, married and a mother (a boy in 2020 and a girl in 2022). She has the experience and excellent references working with interior design and art exhibitions.

Since 2020 she has been developing graphic design and social media management work at EXA Group Canada, starting 2022 with different perspectives, increasing the responsibilities of managing the public relations and the startup's design and creativity projects. The 10 Year Countdown program presents the photographic exhibition Doors Around the World as an experience of culture, heritage and art expressed in Barbara Camargo's photography.

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