Young entrepreneur Edmar Luiz Xavier Neto has created solutions and strategies for social development and sustainable tourism development in rural and coastal communities in Brazil for 15 years and Canada since 2018.

Edmar Xavier has been a project manager since 2008, with an emphasis on risk management and marketing. Tourism specialist, awarded nationally for merit and professional talent in 2014 in Brazil. He arrived in Canada in 2018 in Toronto, Ontario.


In 2020, he was responsible for the creation and execution of the Covid-19 contingency plan between February and August and for the design and performance of the Covid-19 risk management plan between August to December, carried out for the maintenance of work environments in Ontario's water, wastewater and organic treatment industries.


Between 2018 and 2021, the tourism expert and project manager developed the EXA Group Canada business plan. Since April 2021, Edmar Xavier has been in Nova Scotia with his startup, developing sustainable tourism systems in rural communities in Nova Scotia, with ongoing projects in the Eastern Shore region.


EXA Group Canada is a sustainable partner and sponsor of the 2021 TIAC Tourism Congress, representing Nova Scotia's tourism industry on the national stage. Edmar Xavier has a degree in tourism, an MBA in project management, a 4-year background in law school and is currently pursuing a master's degree in tourism direction and consulting with a focus on sustainable tourism.

Barbara Muniz de Camargo is a creative and communicative young woman. She arrived in Canada in 2011 to do high school at Appleby College in Oakville, Ontario. She holds a bachelor's degree in communications from Ryerson University in Toronto since 2018 and has been engaged in professional activities in art gallery events, interior design, sustainable development, and tourism. The young woman has traveled to over 40 countries and communicates with excellence in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese).

The professional has worked in important art exhibitions in Ontario and was responsible for serving clients of an international luxury interior design brand in Toronto. Barbara Camargo has a unique talent that differentiates her work. Among her abilities, photography and painting stand out. She is responsible for the communication and content creation area for social media for EXA Group Canada and clients.

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