Excellence Sustainable Tourism Seal

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The ESTour Seal, Excellence Sustainable Tourism Seal, certifies innovative companies concerned about the future of our planet. This is the seal of excellence for EXA Group Canada's projects, territorial governance model, and sustainable tourism system.

Excellence. This is the keyword for the sustainable tourism certification offered by EXA Group Canada to projects developed and executed by the company. EXA Group Canada's Excellence Sustainable Tourism Seal meets the quality, safety, well-being, and sustainability requirements of international standards and models developed by tourism expert Edmar Xavier, continuously improving since 2011.

The ESTour Seal allows companies to communicate, creating models of territorial tourism governance in micro-regions and small communities. The certificate enables the creation of strategies for new tourist destinations and organizes the industry for medium and long-term planning.

All EXA Group Canada projects are developed by an excellent and creative project management office using PMI (Project Management Institute) methodology. Excellence is the brand of EXA Group Canada and all of the company's clients.

The ESTour Seal is divided into three categories:

Category 1 certifies projects signed by EXA Group Canada.

Category 2 certifies tourism programs developed and managed by EXA Group Canada for businesses, clusters, associations, and the government.

Category 3 certifies sustainable tourism systems and territorial governance models developed and managed by EXA Group Canada.

The ESTour Seal certifies companies and communities that develop tourism as a pillar of sustainable development for people and their cultural heritage. EXA Group Canada executes requirements driven by the international system and PMI's project management guidelines by certifying clients and partners of the highest quality and excellence.

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Excellence Sustainable Tourism Seal

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