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The future of our planet depends on the strengthening of rural and indigenous communities, as it is the people of these communities who have the knowledge provided by intimate contact with nature. Strong Farm Destinations will present this reality to the world, creating sustainable tourism systems in rural Nova Scotia communities. We will help communities and entrepreneurs in the tourism industry achieve new economic goals, creating businesses aligned with the 2030 Agenda and the Glasgow Declaration, with goals to eradicate carbon emissions in partnership with all tourism stakeholders, building solid models that serve as examples for the world.

EXA Group Canada is initiating the Strong Farm Destinations program at Lawrencetown beach, with the Sustainable Calmness Wave project for the Ataraxy farm. Strong Farm Destinations' first tourism experiences will be in May 2022. We are looking for Lawrencetown beach tourism business and experiences, accommodation, food and beverage, artisans and artists, local businesses, surf shops, tour guides, food professionals and beverages, agricultural production assistants, yoga teachers, mindfulness professionals, and tourism, agriculture and sustainability students to get to know the Sustainable Calmness Wave, the partnership opportunities for the different short or long stay itineraries for visitors and also the opportunities of full-time and part-time employment starting in the summer of 2022.

For more information, fill in the form below and wait for EXA Group Canada to contact you. It will be my pleasure to introduce Strong Farm Destinations, the Sustainable Calmness Wave and the EXA Group Canada sustainable tourism system model.

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