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The Strong Farm Destinations program was developed to create safe, healthy, inclusive and diverse environments for all people, preserving heritage for the present and future generations.

Our mission is to promote tourism as a solution and strategy for sustainable development and for the regeneration of the planet.

The Strong Farm Destinations is developing solutions and strategies to achieve net-zero carbon and to promote community-based economic growth in rural communities.


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Help rural communities to develop strategies for economic growth and the continuous improvement of people's quality of life and the preservation of nature.

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Create decently and prosperous work opportunities for residents and immigrants in rural communities, developing education and training to include all people in the continuous improvement of technical, scientific and operational knowledge. 

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Foster technology to attract the attention of nomadic professionals to rural communities, aiming to expand investment options in sustainable activities and infrastructure.

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Strengthen the communication of rural communities with different levels of government, different stakeholders, and different industries to add value to the strategic planning of tourism and the vision of economic growth.

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Promote the value and the authenticity of rural communities and the businesses and farms that develop this value, creating channels of knowledge about rural practices and their impact on urban life.

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Create simple technology for the first development impacts and guarantee access for all people with social inclusion strategies.

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Foster connectivity and social communication in rural destinations with local visitors, and domestic and international tourists.

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Create, develop and manage authentic experiences and rural destinations.

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Hortifruti Sapecado - Brazil (Jan 2016 to Dec 2017)

- Food farm
- Family Farming, Operations & Management
- Stakeholders Management & Territorial Governance Development
- Solutions for Price Stabilization
- Technology Development
- Online Sales and Strategy
- Farm to Table Logistics & Delivery Management

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10-Year Countdown - Canada (Dec 2020 to Dec 2021)

- Education & Knowledge Promotion
- Technical Visits & Reports in Farms (Ontario & Nova Scotia)
- Tourism Mentorship for Farmers (Nova Scotia)
- Sustainability Partner and Sponsor of the 2021 TIAC Congress
- EXArt Exhibition (Online Tourism Experience)
- ContaTour Podcast
- EXA Group Canada YouTube Channel

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