Tourism, Education & Rural Development

The project aims to encourage knowledge of the local rural culture and cultivate organic foods in immersion in rural tourism and technology.

EXA Group Canada is developing a platform for mainstream and special education students to learn about rural communities' experiences and cultural and environmental heritage. The project aims to guide children, young people, and people with special needs about where the food served in their homes comes from experiences on local farms.

The school schedules a guided tour with students on the farm, all students are cataloged, and the online profile on the EXA Group Canada platform is created. The student visits the farm with the school, learns about the production process and the historical particularities of the region and the farm, and has the opportunity to choose food to grow on the property. This planted food is cataloged with a control tag connected to the student's online profile, which will follow the entire growing process of the cultivated food. At harvest time, the student can return with school or family, experiencing a day of rural tourism, harvest food, and take it home with the basket of products developed by the farm.

The platform is being developed to serve children and people with special needs, integrative to facilitate the student's contact with technology.

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