EXA Group Canada recognizes the value of the heritage and traditions of rural communities and understands the importance of preserving the history and culture of local people. Tourism generates value for agronomy and creates solutions for the economic growth of influence communities.



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Strong Farm program brand

Strong Farm Destinations offers unique experiences, meeting visitors' desire for freedom with exclusive activities distributed by different locations and united to develop sustainability. Nova Scotia received the first sustainable tourism system for rural communities developed by EXA Group Canada.

Strong Farm Destinations' first project is called Sustainable Calmness Wave, at Ataraxy farm in Lawrencetown beach, Eastern Shore region of Nova Scotia. Strong Farm Destinations brings the quality of life closer to the reality of tourism experiences and develops the concept of sustainability and climate action as an international model of sustainable tourism.

Based on community-based tourism, rural tourism, and rural development studies, the sustainable tourism system creates a new concept of tourism and tourism experiences. It presents the people of these communities with unique opportunities for economic growth within the framework of sustainability.

Strong Farm Destinations creates solutions for different education approaches and solutions for holistic mental health therapy and adapts the primary agricultural activity to new market niches, aiming at the continued growth of the local economy. It creates value to arouse interest and motivate visitors to know about these communities and places.

Living the rural experience goes beyond what you can imagine and meets all the visitors' and professionals' expectations and dreams so that the whole system works. Living the rural experience is understanding the history of our planet and our ancestors. It is absorbing the heritage and visualizing the entire development structure of our world.

Tourism is essential for the success of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the premises of the Glasgow Declaration. If you want to know more about the program, fill in the form below, and EXA Group Canada will indicate how you can contribute.

Strong Farm Destinations
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Basic Information


First, EXA Group Canada begins approaching the farm partner of the StrongFarm © program by carrying out the technical visit. This visit analyzes the environment, production, and the people involved.

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After knowing the partner farm's needs, demand, offers, and opportunities, the company carries out market research, analyzing scenarios and competitiveness to create the program's strategies and projects. For more information about Market Research, click on the button below.

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With the information obtained, EXA Group Canada creates and develops plans for planting, production, and sustainable development of the business model.

The company creates and develops tourism activities integrated with agricultural production.

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Digital Work Life

Development of the sales management and distribution logistics control portal. Integration to the sales system through the exclusive StrongFarm program app. Development and management of social media.

Management, execution, control, maintenance, and continuous improvement of StrongFarm program and developed projects.

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