Edmar Xavier has been conducting personal research in the social area of ​​tourism since 1997 in rural and coastal communities. Since 2004, the professional has been developing academic, technical, legislative, and scientific research in tourism's social and sustainable areas. The focus on developing rural communities arose from the heritage of the family's professional commitment to nature and rural communities.


Barbara Camargo develops relationships with local and international clients since 2015, with professional performances in art galleries and luxury interior design. The professional visited more than 30 countries on four continents, recording this experience in data and photography. She is the secretary, strategic planner, and digital marketing for the CIAA creative industries alumni association for Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario.


The experience combined with the competence in conducting research and analysis shows the qualification and effectiveness of essential details for developing strategies. EXA Group Canada conducts the following market research:

Focus group research

Analyze sales data research

Buy research

Competitive advantage analysis

Competitive destination model analysis

Experiments & field trials


Market analysis

Observation market research

Public domain data research

Social media listening

Survey research

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