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Ataraxy Farm is EXA Group Canada's first farm client. We have developed the sustainable tourism system's business plan and feasibility analysis in 2021. We are executing the project, starting with the installations and constructions to open new tourism and agriculture experiences to visitors in May 2022.
Business plan and feasibility analysis; Financial planning; Project management; Stakeholder Management; Marketing and communication planning; Development of tourism experiences; Planning and creation of risk management policy; Planning and design of the quality management policy; Planning and creation of health and operational safety policy; Planning and creation of people management policy; Project control, maintenance and training; Development of the online farm integration.


Malouf Import & Export is a company of sustainable solutions for the food and beverage industry, with the primary objective of importing trays and containers made with sugarcane bagasse. This product is the waste of sugarcane production, using 100% of the waste, generating employment and income in underdeveloped and developing countries. Our client creates value for ecological products aligned with eliminating carbon emissions.
Brand development; Website and social media development; Brand application for office and promotional products; Creative content; Stakeholder mapping for market opening.