EXA Group Canada offers excellence and more than 15 years in developing business solutions for the tourism industry and agribusiness.

We present solutions to demands and precision of details for planning effective strategies. Contact us and explain your need.

10 year countdown program

App development and management

Business planning and feasibility analysis

Creating and planning sustainable tourism activities and services

Development of people management focuses on the development of policies aimed at inclusion, equity, and equality in the organizational framework

Development of social programs and initiatives

Development of the local tourism health, well-being, and safety policies and training in the workplace

Development of the tourist inventory, including natural, cultural, and heritage resources

Internal marketing management

Management of environmental impact studies and reporting

Market research & strategic planning

Marketing management

Planning the recycling policy and disposal of organic waste

Project management for renewable energy sources

Purchasing policy planning to support local products and services

Quality management

Risk management

Stakeholder management

Talent management and human resources strategies

Tourism Sustainability Diagnosis

Website and social media development

Business Solutions & Strategies

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