Developed by founder CEO Edmar Xavier and graphic designer Barbara Camargo, the 10 Year Countdown program is EXA Group Canada's international commitment to creating sustainable communities. The program aims to be implemented in Canada's Atlantic provinces and strategically develop rural and indigenous demands.

The program has been under constant planning, control, and execution since 2020. During this period, EXA Group Canada visited more than 35 communities in Ontario and Nova Scotia. The first rural tourism mentorship was held in Upper Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, in 2021 and we are prepared to develop new partnerships to execute the program projects.

10 Year Countdown does not grow without communities and companies responsible for social and sustainable development. The program needs support from partnerships to grow and become sustainable. You can participate in different ways:


Talking to EXA Group Canada to get to know your business and your community;

Cogs, Nuts and Bolts

Developing the projects indicated by the mentorship;

Alarm Clock

Investing time in publicizing the program;

Cartoon Camp

Directly participating in the activities schedule;


Referring and sharing EXA Group Canada;

Credit Card Back
Credit Card

Purchasing the program's products and events;

Piggy Bank

Donating to the fundraising program.

Below we present the ongoing projects and the projects in planning. If you have any questions or would like to participate in the 10 Year Countdown program, please fill out the form.

Tourism mentoring for rural communities

ContaTour podcast

EXART online exhibitions

Atlantic Soul Tourism & Education

10 Year Countdown Program

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